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The Berni Beans Story

"It's a wonderful life!"

Welcome to Berni Beans Vintage Tearoom - a charming and elegant escape to a simpler time, where guests can enjoy delicious food, warm hospitality, and a serene ambiance. This beautiful tribute to the late Bernard Marland (a Cordon Bleu chef and dear friend to Amanda, the owner of Berni Beans, and grandfather figure to her three sons, Harrison, Cameron and Hayden), was established in December 2018 and has been providing a unique tea experience ever since. From 2019 onwards, it has been consistently rated on Trip Advisor as the number one tearoom in the area - a remarkable achievement that speaks to the tearoom's enduring appeal and the dedication of its hosts.

As you step into the tearoom, you are immediately transported to the 1940s, with its vintage furnishings, elegant crockery, and lace curtains. The tearoom's decor is tasteful and inviting, creating a warm and comfortable ambiance that is perfect for enjoying afternoon tea. At the heart of the tearoom stands Bernard's beloved piano, a poignant reminder of his passion for music and his remarkable talent as a pianist. It's a beautiful feature that adds to the tearoom's unique charm and atmosphere.

​The vintage afternoon tea experience is a must-try, priced at a reasonable £19.95. Served from Noon to 4 pm, Thursday - Sunday, it is a luxurious affair that features an array of freshly baked scones, delicate sandwiches, and delectable cakes and pastries.

We look forward to welcoming you to Berni Beans Vintage Tearoom, where you can enjoy a truly unforgettable tea experience!


Berni Beans Proprieter 

Amanda Manley

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"Come to us as a customer...leave us as a friend."

Amanda and her team take great care to accommodate every dietary requirement, ensuring that each guest is able to indulge in the tea experience to the fullest. What makes Berni Beans Vintage Tearoom truly special, however, is the warmth and hospitality of its staff. Amanda is a gracious and welcoming host, who takes pride in ensuring that every guest feels at home. Her dedication to the tearoom and passion for its success are evident in the way she interacts with guests, making each feel like a treasured friend.

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